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New Self-Guided Garden Tours at Edison Ford

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On November 9th

For plant enthusiasts, we have two new self-guided tours that will take guests through the historic gardens at Edison Ford! The “Palm Tour” and the “Plants in Your Cupboards” tour both have accompanying customized guide maps for walking the gardens.

Palm Tour – NEW

The “Palm Tour” has 33 stops throughout the historic gardens where visitors can view all 66 species of palms at Edison Ford. Visitors will tour through the Research Gardens where Edison grew plants for his rubber research and will learn several fun facts, including if you can tell the age of a palm the same way you can with trees!

Plants in Your Cupboards Tour – NEW

The “Plants in Your Cupboards” Tour has 13 stops and focuses on common items that are found in your home that have a botanical source, such as cinnamon, lipstick, food coloring, Vicks VapoRub and vanilla. Adults and children alike will learn about products that come from plants. Tour highlights include the Research Gardens and many specific plants, including the cinnamon tree, lipstick plant and vanilla orchid. The guide map has a brief summary on several of the plants on the tour and more detailed information is provided on a sign at the plant site for the other stops.

Be one of the first to try out these new tours and learn the many interesting purposes of the plants at Edison Ford!

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