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September Great Book Picks in all our Edison Ford Stores

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On September 18th

Mistakes that Worked – by Charlotte Jones & Illustrator John O’Brien.
Some call them accidents, some call them mistakes.book picks aug 2016 The truth is an amazing amount of products and everyday household items had surprisingly haphazard beginnings. Using weird and amazing facts as well as hilarious cartoons, this fun-filled book covers 40 familiar inventions and their serendipitous developments.

Key Lime Cookin’ – by Joyce LaFray.
If you’ve ever tried Key Lime, you know it has a refreshing taste and bouquet unlike regular limes. Their delicious flavor, a hint of sweetness with a blend of tartness, is truly tantalizing to the taste buds. Food critic, lecturer, and author Joyce LaFray has compiled over 50 recipes for those of us who can not get enough of the delicious fruit. Recipes include delicious desserts, enticing entrees and even a whole chapter dedicated to key lime inspired beverages.

AC/DC: The Savage Tale of the First Standards War – by Tom McNichol.
Before there was VHS versus Betamax or Mac versus Windows, the first, and arguably fiercest, standards war was fought between direct current and alternating current. In this fantastically written and well-researched book, author Tom McNichol explores the AC/DC war that was fought between investors and inventors alike. Those who enjoy social or technological history will certainly enjoy this book.

These books are available for purchase in our Museum Store or on-line store. Remember Edison Ford Members always receive a 10% discount in all of our retail shops and at the Edison Ford Shoppe at Bell Tower Shops.

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