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Edison Ford River Pavilion Progress

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On August 19th

As you can see from the photographs, the construction of the replica of Edison’s original river pavilion is progressing beautifully.

The project is being overseen by Parker/Mudgett/Smith Architects and our Trustee and Architect Wiley Parker, now retired from Parker/Mudgett/Smith. It combines the wonderful original historical look of the building when it sat on stilts way out in the river with contemporary code decisions and  materials. The work is visible through the work fence, so come and watch as this progresses.

As we know now, the Coconut Grove was a fill area that was created by the City of Fort Myers in the 1950’s to protect the historic estate of Thomas and Mina Edison from tides and storms from the Caloosahatchee River. We have continued to maintain the 1950’s rock seawall and have also beautifully managed a wonderful collection of coconut palms, oaks and bamboo (with plumeria peeking through). It is adjacent to the beautiful rock pond and the historic swimming pool, so the entire landscape is a great incorporation of old and new.

Beginning in the fall, there will be regular events at sunset for music, dancing and watching the sun as it plunges into the river. Pinchers Restaurant is working with us to assemble a great group of different musicians for visitors to enjoy and will also provide beverages and light food to kick off the evening.

river pavilion aug 2016

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