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Come See What’s NEW in the Edison Ford Museum

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On July 25th

museum leaf rubbing stationOur Curatorial staff has just finished putting the final touches on the latest gallery, or room within the Edison Ford Museum to receive remodeling and updating – The Music and Movies Gallery.

These renovations and additions are made not only to improve the quality of our guests visits, but also to improve accessibility for all visitors, so they can clearly see and comprehend the items and signage within the displays. The displays also contain pertinent reference information so that guests may conduct further research on-line and locate relevant books and other materials available for purchase at our retail stores.

New and updated exhibits are always designed and developed with a few key points in mind: the enjoyment and entertainment of our members and guests, as well as the accurate interpretation of historical information. For the Music and Movie Gallery, this meant redesigning our display of one of Thomas Edison’s most popular inventions, the phonograph! Our Edison Ford curatorial department determined the best way to illustrate how the phonograph was invented; detailing the parts and technology used while clearly showing the construction.

phonograph gallery displayWhat they’ve come up with is sure to impress! During your next visit to the Edison Ford Museum, you’ll find what appears to be a phonograph’s insides pulled apart and suspended in midair to provide a view of the parts from the front and side views. This allows your imagination to visualize how it all fits together inside its magical music-making box.

As you can see from the photo, after the new phonograph display plans were created, a prototype was constructed in order to be sure the idea would serve its educational and informational purpose, remain sturdy and safe for public display, and be constructed of materials ensuring it will be functional and last for many years of viewing pleasure. All of the text that is used to explain each display goes through rigorous fact-checking and editing, ensuring that it is not only error-free, but also easily readable by all visitors.

hands on exhibitNew rubber flooring will also be installed in our Orientation Gallery that will match the flooring in the back hall of the museum. With the new floor, this area will be useable for events and meetings.

So be sure to come see the Edison Ford Museum and all the updates we are making. And, don’t miss the NEW Music and Movies Gallery, where you can learn all about how the phonograph was made!

ford and edison back wall museum


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