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River Pavilion Project Underway at Edison Ford

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On July 23rd

The long awaited project to build a contemporary replica of the original Edison River Pavilion in the Coconut Grove is finally underway. The construction contractor is Casey Construction (they recently built the very successful new Museum West Porch) and the architect is Wiley Parker (Wiley is now consulting with us after his retirement from Parker/Mudgett/Smith Architects and this project has been in design ready for many years … so it’s also a dream of his).

With summer storms, it is expected to be completed sometime in early fall 2016 and just in time to resume Edison Ford Rhythm on the River, the monthly music series every first Friday of the month. This time though, the new 30 x 40 foot pavilion will provide the stage for music and other programs.

Pinchers Restaurant next door at The Marina at Edison Ford is helping to sponsor the project and will also be offering beverages and dinner appetizers in the Coconut Grove.

During construction, the river pathway to The Marina at Edison Ford will remain open for access to Pinchers and the river cruise program at The Marina at Edison Ford. Visitors and Members are invited to watch the progress throughout the summer as construction and additional coconut trees are planted.

pavilion project july 2016


Coconut Grove History Note:

The area known as the Coconut Grove was actually a “fill project” added by the City of Fort Myers in the early 1950’s. Before that time, it was only the original Edison Limestone Seawall that protected the property from storms and the encroachment of the river tides. The fill dirt was brought in from another project on Poinciana Avenue and added to this location to protect the historic property.

Over the years, coconut trees, tall bamboo, and plumeria were added and most recently the lawn and pathway were developed. It was determined that this location was a very good one to recreate the original Edison River Pavilion rather than the river (to avoid continued destruction of the building, and protect the endangered sawfish, manatees, and plant life that have now established themselves in the Edison Ford Cove).

Great solution and our thanks to FEMA, Corps of Engineers, and various environmental agencies for this solution!

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