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April Great Book Picks in all our Edison Ford Stores

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On April 15th

book Edison Inventing the CenturyEdison: Inventing the Century – by Neil Baldwin.
This thoroughly researched biography focuses on Edison the inventor but also, and more interestingly, Edison the husband and father. Very few books focus on the personal side of the “Wizard of Menlo Park,” and even fewer provide the number of corroborating sources that Neil Baldwin does in Edison: Inventing the Century.


book Amelia to ZoraAmelia to Zora – by Cynthia Chin-Lee.
“With spirited language and marvelous collages, an abecedarium of contemporary women takes flight. Chin-Lee doesn’t attempt, in her single page of text, to do anything but evoke the lives of her subjects, but she does that powerfully. For each woman, she tells an anecdote or illuminates a single action rather than summarize an entire life.” – Kirkus Reviews.

book ClaraClara: Mrs. Henry Ford – by Ford R. Bryan.
For Clara’s birthday in April, our curatorial staff recommends reading Clara: Mrs. Henry Ford. While numerous books have been published about the automotive tycoon Henry Ford, very little is offered about his wife, Clara. This well-researched book is one of the few sources we have and it truly provides a wonderful understanding of the woman who was not only an integral member of the Ford family, but who also played a part in the long-term success.

These books are available for purchase in our Museum Store or online.

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