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Edison Ford Volunteer Appreciation

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On April 10th

pinchers staircase April 20, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. – The Marina at Edison Ford
More than 240 volunteers have contributed 17,000 hours of service to Edison Ford equal to more than 15 paid staff positions and an annual cash value of $397,000 from October 2015 – February 2016. On April 20 Edison Ford would like to honor our current volunteers with a social including light refreshments, raffles, and awards.

volunteer meeting at bell towerThe following individuals have reached significant milestones:
500 – 999 Hours: Donna Abell, Shirley Armstrong, Ardy Barclay, Kristin Brandt, Anne Brown, Beverly Brown, Marti Campbell, Betsy Chambers, David Cornell, Janet Cornell, Kathleen Garry, James Hurst, Gregory Masonick, Babu Mathew, Barbara McCarthy, Helen McMillan, Jerry McMillan, Erica Moghal, Mary Mihok, Karen Mole, Thomas Mole, Yvan Mollard, Ann Mullinix, Connie Norstrem, Ginny Plummer, Lorie Purser, Linda Rand, Martha Reiter, Judie Ross, Richard Schaffer, Gerry Schroeder, Jane Schroeder, Nancy Siria, John Tyrer, Dorothy Van Howe, Joan Weischedel, Abby Winslow, Frances Wright

1,000 – 1,999 Hours: Sis Abbott, Phyllis Bickerstaff, Cindy Carothers, Phyllis Catron, June Coon, Doris Delaney, Pauline Doane, Virginia Dougherty, Dick Dutton, Lois Ehrenzeller, Monika Green, Susan Halverson, Nancy Harris, Helen Haver, Margaret Healy, Martin Healy, Jim Hopton, Carl Horner, Lina Jakub, Donna Johnson, Janet MaGirl, Gwen Mattoni, Ginger McHale, Barbara Meyer, Susan Monteleone, Marge Robert, Dolores Russell, Wilma Rizzi, Joseph Schiavone, Karen Schiavone, David Sheehey, Clif Ward, Bob Willover

2,000 – 2,999 Hours: Debbie Brandt, Karen Coleman, Marilyn Jones, Jamie MaGirl, MaryAnn Sedlock, Bob Sedlock

3,000 – 3,999 Hours: Leroy Moore, Helen Park, Susan Rivera, Clara Schmidt

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