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Historic Edison Factory Console Table Donated by Norris Furniture

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On February 28th

factory console table from norris furnitureNorris Furniture & Interiors has donated a one-of-a-kind console table with an interesting tie to the legacy of Thomas Edison. The wooden portions of the table are crafted from reclaimed material from a factory which produced Edison items.

The Wisconsin Chair Company, of New London, Wisconsin, first produced Edison phonographs and later Edison Little Folks Furniture. The manufacturer notes: “The Edison Console is so named because the top is made of floor
planking that was recovered from one of Thomas Edison’s factories when he was the owner of the Wisconsin Chair Company in New London, Wisconsin. The texture comes from years of foot traffic that ground steel slivers into the surface giving it a truly unique took.”

Adding to the significance of the donation is the serial number for this table: “001” with additional tables available through Norris Furniture. “Whenever historic building materials are reused in the creation of a new object, ethical considerations must be taken into account. In some instances, such as a building which is slated for demolition, or other circumstances in which destruction of the historic materials would occur during renovation or alteration, salvaging materials for reuse or preservation is the best available option. An example of this is the “Edison Brick” on display in the Edison Ford Museum. Removed from an original Edison Portland Cement kiln which was not able to be preserved in its entirety, the individual brick now represents the historic structure it was once a part of.” – Mike Cosden, Chief Curator, Edison Ford.

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