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February Great Book Picks in all our Edison Ford Stores

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On February 22nd

book black pioneers of science Black Pioneers of Science – by Louis Haber.

“Early contributors to scientific and industrial progress faced numerous obstacles such as scarce financial resources and slow communication options as they designed new machines, medicines, procedures, and equipment. Black Americans saw additional adversity in the form of discrimination and legal restrictions by race as they engaged in their work. Louis Haber carefully  documents the challenges and accomplishments experienced by 14 Black American inventors as they made important contributions to science and industry during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.”

Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children.

book edison a life of inventionEdison: A Life of Invention – by Paul Israel.

While nearly every American knows Thomas Edison, few have the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the inventor like Paul Israel, Director and General Editor of the Thomas Edison Papers. Israel avoids oversimplification of the mythic inventor and gets to the true root of his rise to the top of the electric and scientific world. This is one of the best written biographies of Thomas Edison.

Edison & Ford in Florida BookImages of America: Edison and Ford in Florida – by Chris Pendleton, Mike Cosden and Brent Newman.

Written by Edison Ford Curatorial, History and Science staff, this book represents a decade of research. Signed copies are available.


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