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In celebration of Thomas Edison’s 169th birthday, Edison Ford has collaborated with a local craft brewery to create a signature beverage especially for the Garden Festival at Edison Ford.

old soul brewingOld Soul Brewery, based in Fort Myers, crafted the beer using starfruit collected from trees in the Edison Ford gardens, creating a special connection between the beer and the historic site. The “Edison Birthday Brew” will be available for sampling and purchase at the Edison Garden Festival on February 13th and 14th. Special thanks to Old Soul Brewery.

starfruit feb 2016Thomas Edison: Beer Drinker? Did you know that Thomas Edison drank beer? As a young telegraph operator, he noted that he drank “occasionally and moderately … usually beer.” Edison Papers historian and biographer Dr. Paul Israel comments: “While in Louisville, the other operators even entrusted him with their money when they had their weekly picnic. This was a matter of “precaution” as some were not able to gauge exactly their capacity for liquor … Edison was used as a sort of “Alcoholometer” and refused to advance money when the limit was reached.”

Edison resigned from one position as a telegraph operator when he was knocked unconscious by a fellow telegrapher who had become drunk and wanted to retrieve his money. Still, in 1890 Edison noted, “Spirituous liquors I use very moderately, but I am fond of an occasional glass of beer or champagne, and am not a total abstinence man
either in theory or practice.”

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