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January Great Book Picks in all our Edison Ford Stores

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On January 9th

book fordlandiaFordlandia – by Greg Grandin.
With Fordlandia, Greg Grandin, a Professor of History at New York University, tells the story of Henry Ford’s failed endeavor to export Main Street America to the jungles of Brazil. Fordlandia was a commercial enterprise, intended to extract raw material for the production of motor cars, but it was framed as a civilizing mission, an attempt to build the ideal American society within the Amazon.


book Edison and Rise of InnovationEdison and the Rise of Innovation – by Leonard DeGraaf.
While there are countless books written about Thomas Edison, few provide as much fascinating information in such a concise form. As one of the leading archivists at the Thomas Edison National Historic Park, author Leonard DeGraaf has access to never before seen photographs and historic documents. It is through these primary sources that his book’s subject truly shines.

book those magical manateesThose Magical Manatees – by Jan Wicker.
This delightful book is great for the young (and young at heart) who love or have an interest in the amazing manatees. Filled with 20 questions and answers, this book is sure to inform readers about these big and gentle sea mammals and what we can do to ensure their future survival. Why not combine this book with a great manatee toy?


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