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Ask the Curator

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On December 1st

• Wednesdays – 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
In celebration of the season, December’s “Ask the Curator” events feature themes related to the holidays. Special guests and experts will be featured in many of the presentations:

  • December 2 – Happy Birthday, Model A!. On December 2, 1927, the Ford Model A was first unveiled to the public. Celebrate its 88th birthday with Automotive Curator James Moss.
  • December 9 – Recording on Tinfoil. Hear Edison’s phonograph firsthand, the tinfoil phonograph was first patented on Christmas Eve, 1877!
  • December 16 – A Brief History of Christmas Decorations. From goose feather trees to hand-blown ornaments, join a discussion on the evolution of Christmas decorations.
  • December 2ask the curator december mazda christmas lights lamps3 – A Brief History of Christmas Lights. Did you know that Edison employees played a key role in introducing electric Christmas lights? View early examples of lighting and explore the story behind the cultural phenomenon.
  • December 30 – Understanding Rubber Extraction. In 1929, Thomas Edison spent his only Christmas in Fort Myers. He was present to continue his rubber research in the laboratory. Learn about the chemical process that made rubber extraction possible.

Cost: Edison Ford Members FREE; non-members Museum and Lab ticket.

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