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Quadricycle Replica Project – Volunteer Gathering

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On November 13th
  • November 16, 5:30 p.m. – Edison Ford Museum – Meetings will be the Third Monday of Every Month    

The volunteer team to build the Ford Quadricycle gather in the Museum with Automotive Curator Jim Moss and Registrar Matt Andres. The quadricycle was the first vehicle Henry Ford made, with a simple frame, engine and bicycle tires. Ford’s work on the quadricycle led to the founding of the famous Ford Motor Company several years later.

quadricycle illustration      The group includes machinists, patent holders and inventors as well as car enthusiasts. Some members of the group had started work and brought in items related to their past projects, including photographs and scale components of another replica quadricycle. But more help is needed for the months ahead. If you are interested please contact Chief Curator, Mike Cosden at 239-334-7419 or email mcosden@edisonfordwinterestates.org. It is anticipated that the operating replica of the 1896 Ford Quadricycle will be finished by winter of 2016. This will be one of the few in the nation and certainly one of the most accurate replicas.

Edison Ford began work on this project about a year ago and created design documents and machine shop plans. The team is also working with The Henry Ford, Greenfield Village and Sam Galloway Ford in Southwest Florida. It is suggested to call ahead to see what the needs of the project might be throughout the year. Participation is free and will include a free Edison Ford Quadricycle Project T-shirt.

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