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Showing of the Movie Titanic & Filmmaker’s Discussion

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On November 5th
  • November 6, 6:00 p.m. – Ford Riverside Lawn

        Edison Ford invites the community to watch the feature film: Titanic on the beautiful Ford Riverside Lawn and listen to a filmmaker’s discussion, “An Insider’s Look.”

Coinciding with the film, Edison Ford Museum’s Titanic Film Exhibit showcases the history of Thomas Edison and his creation of more than 1,000 films through Edison Studios. The Edison Ford Museum has a fascinating and extensive collection of Edison’s early film equipment and an exhibit of prized artifacts from the movie Titanic, including production blueprints, photographs of the movie making and a three-foot model of the Titanic.

Captain Lance Julian, with Pure Florida, will discuss the making of the movie, Titanic, as he was the Titanic Marine Coordinator on the movie set. Filmmaker John Scoular will discuss some of the film techniques used and provide insight into how this fascinating industry has evolved over the years.

As the directors of the marine aspects of this film, Captain Lance Julian and Captain Harry Julian will provide an insightful perspective on their experience filming the Titanic, how they used a 90 percent scale replica ship for filming in a giant tank off the coast of Mexico, as well as the hazardous filming in the frigid waters off Nova Scotia.

titanic smokestacks     Join us for a night of movie watching under the stars, film discussion and delicious food. Guests are encouraged to come early and enjoy barbecue, veggie sandwiches, popcorn, desserts, soft drinks, beer and wine, take a tour of the site, get a good seat and watch the sunset. Chairs will be provided; however, guests may bring their own chairs. The film will start after sunset.

Cost: Edison Ford Members $5; non-members/general public $20. Dinner and beverages will be available at an additional cost.

Registration is recommended and can be made by contacting Leeanne Criswell, Edison Ford Registrar by emailing lcriswell@edisonfordwinterestates.org or calling 239-334-7419. This film is not suggested for children.

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