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Mina, Clara and Edison Ford Volunteers

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On August 28th

     “Mina Edison  and Clara Ford Teas” have many reasons to be successful, but the greatest reason is the interest, talent and commitment of a great group of Edison Ford Volunteers.

Several months ago, Jan MaGirl and Clara Schmidt who are longtime Edison Ford docents, presented a “conversation lecture program” at the monthly volunteer meeting that was based on the historic reflections of Mina and Clara on their life, fame and fun.  It was a rousing success.

clara and mina tea august 2015     Both Jan (Mina Edison) and Clara (Clara Ford) have been studying the famous families for many years and have visited other Edison and Ford sites around the nation.  They are friends, just like Mina and Clara, so it is a wonderful exploration into the two legendary women with a modern twist.  To make it more interesting Jan MaGirl is married to Jamie MaGirl, who is also an Edison Ford lab docent and frequently portrays Thomas Edison.  Clara Schmidt’s husband in real life is named Doug, but her historical husband, Henry Ford, just happens to be portrayed by Edison Ford former historian Doug Jaureguy.  There are lots of interesting connections.

Jan and Clara are still exploring history of the women, their families and the national and international history that played such an important part of their legacy in Florida.  Chief Curator, Mike Cosden, and his department are constantly providing research findings, photos, and facts as the program develops.  Holly Shaffer, co-manager of the Volunteer Program, feels that “This event is unique for it provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of the Estates’ leading ladies.”

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