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Summer Camp Interns and Teachers in Inventor’s Summer Camp

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On July 30th

     Edison Ford full-time educators, Pearce Augustenborg and Nadia Kluesner have been joined this summer by three very talented individuals to assist in the Summer Inventor’s Camp.

Dylan Kluesner is a computer scientist planning to take on more graduate work and also a career in computer programming. He’s adding great strength to the summer program as he works with various computer applications with the campers and also to develop their own “app.”

Ashley Chamberlin is an FGCU student majoring in Elementary Education who is working with the 4th – 6th graders. She has volunteered with the Wings of Hope, tutoring and the Special Olympics.

Deborah Bowers is an art teacher in the Lee County School system, and is teaching art as a component of the science and history curriculum. She has years of experience working with all ages across the country, and internationally. She is working with the 1st – 3rd graders.

They are also joined each week by a total of 31 Junior Counselors (Grades 7 and up) who provide great mentoring and assistance to the teaching staff. On average there are four Junior Counselors every week, and many are former Inventor’s Summer Camp campers.Summer Camp Grades 1-3

Summer Camp Week 1 Grades 1-3

Summer Camp Grades 4-6

Summer Camp Week 1 Grades 4-6

Can you pick out Edison Ford teachers, summer interns and camp counselors in the grade level photos from the first week of camp?


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