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NEW Exhibit in the Works … Scheduled to Open in January 2016

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On July 21st

     Almost 100 years after Edison, Ford and Firestone began their work to find a natural source of latex that could be grown in America, a new exhibit will open in the Edison Ford Museum to commemorate their work and the restoration of the Edison Botanic Research Laboratory adjacent to the museum.

The exhibit has been several years in the planning, and now is beginning to take shape in the museum, while the interested public watches it unfold. The photos below show a giant mural of the Edison Ford Banyan tree which is being completed by Exhibit Preparator and Artist, Megan Kissinger and her Intern /Assistant/Artist, Amanda Plummer.

Rubber exhibit july 2015rubber exhibit july 2015 megan painting

     The volunteers are getting in on the activity as they are working with Megan to create some of the components of the exhibit, like making seeds from polymer and baking in oven, faux seeds and pods from latex producing plants.

rubber exhibit volunteers july 2015

Come and visit in the months ahead as the curatorial staff and consultants move in other components of the exhibit.


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