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Replica Ford Quadricycle to be Built at Edison Ford

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On June 25th

quadricycle     Henry Ford worked for the Detroit Edison Illuminating Company as an engineer in the early 1890’s. In 1896, after working for two years on a prototype, Ford unveiled an experimental vehicle powered by a simple gasoline engine, which was dubbed the “quadricycle.” Later that summer, Ford met Thomas Edison in person, and described his vehicle to the famed inventor.  Edison’s encouraging response inspired Ford to continue refining his vehicle. He would eventually strike out on his own, founding the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

CEO Chris Pendleton and Chief Curator Mike Cosden have been planning to create a replica quadricycle for several years, but after a visit to The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village last year, they came one step closer to making the project a reality. With the help of Vice President of Museums and Collections Christian Overland, they were able to locate authentic plans to build a replica quadricycle. These detailed plans were created by former Ford Motor Company employee and automotive expert George DeAngelis.

Coupled with the research and expertise of Edison Ford Automotive Curator Jim Moss, and the enthusiastic support of Sam Galloway, Jr., building a replica of Henry Ford’s 1896 quadricycle will become a reality in the coming year.

This replica will be used as an educational and interpretive tool, continuing the Estate’s mission of illuminating Henry Ford’s legacy of innovation. An additional replica, which will be fully operational, is also planned for the future.

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