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Great Book Picks in the Museum Store

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On June 15th

book picks june 2015     Thomas Edison, Mina Edison, and Henry Ford have all been the focus of news stories recently. The Curatorial Staff has picked several books which highlight the aspects of the lives of these Fort Myers celebrities currently in the news:

     Have you ever wondered what foods you would find on the Edison dining room table? Perhaps you’ve recently seen a famous Edison family recipe, such as Mina’s “light as air” muffins, published in the Tropicalia section of the Fort Myers News-Press. In Edison’s Family & Friends Recipes, you will find a treasure trove of delicious recipes which give insights into how the Edisons relaxed and enjoyed time together as a family. Recommended for anyone interested in cooking or the Edison family (Mina Edison’s 150th birthday is just around the corner – July 6) this slender volume makes an excellent gift.

Thomas Edison has also been featured prominently in the news. Be it for his farsighted thoughts on the future of solar energy and electric vehicles, or his part in the famed “currents war” between alternating and direct current, the innovator’s prominence in the press has seldom been greater since his passing in 1931. If you would like to know more, Empires of Light provides an interesting examination of Edison’s life as an inventor, with special attention to the “race to electrify the world,” offering a captivating blend of scientific and social history.

Like his friend and mentor Thomas Edison, Henry Ford has also received a great deal of press .

The People’s Tycoon explores the life of Henry Ford, from his family and friendships, to the incredible success of the Ford Motor Company, to his personal ideologies and beliefs. While an excellent choice for an introduction to Ford’s life and work, this biography also features a level of detail which will provide fascinating insights for those already familiar with the automobile magnate.

Each of these books, and many more, are available in the Edison Ford Museum Store and also in the Edison Ford Shoppe at Bell Tower Shops.  Monthly, the Curatorial Staff will pick books on timely topics or current events. Be on the lookout for next month’s Great Book Picks!

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