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Inside the Homes and Inside the Lab Summertime Hours

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On May 30th
  • Inside the Homes Tours – Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. – Enjoy the Cooler Morning Weather

The Inside the Homes Tours are one of our best programs, and they are offered weekly or with a special appointment for groups of 10 or more. The tour provides a personal experience, featuring time with Curators inside areas normally not accessible. You will be “up close and personal” with objects that can be a mystery – here is one:dinner chimes edison dining room

If you are not sure what this artifact might be used for, you are not alone! Here’s a hint: the separate short stick on top of the artifact is a “striker.” Here’s another hint: think “xylophone.” Here’s the last hint: It sits in the dining room of the Edison Guest House at the right hand of the head person at the table. OK, the is the final hint: Think NBC. The answer is at the bottom of the page – or better yet, join us for an Inside the Homes Tour to unravel more mysteries!


  • Inside the LabTours – Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m.

This detailed tour of the Edison Botanic Research Corporation Laboratory includes examining some very original and “quirky” inventions – some of them even fashioned by Edison himself. It also features pieces of equipment used in a variety of laboratory processes, including the one shown at right, used in a process patented by Edison in the final years of his life.ball mill grinder Edison lab

If you are not sure what this object might be, think of the coffee grinder of your grandparents – or great grandparents. Here’s another hint: It is located in a separate room inside the Laboratory; along with a number of other pieces of equipment used for the same purpose. Each apparatus in this area, including a hydraulic press and a meat grinder, is connected by a belt to a line shaft, in turn connecting to a motor which powers the devices. See answers below – and make plans to join us for a tour inside the award-winning, fully restored, Edison Botanic Research Corporation Laboratory, a National Historic Chemical Landmark.

  • Answers:

Object 1: Dinner Chimes, used to call family and friends to the dining room. Also used in the railroad to call passengers to dinner.

Object 2: Ball Mill Grinder, used in Edison’s 1,090th patent – for grinding plant material in rubber research.

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