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President’s Update ~ Chris Pendleton, President & CEO

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On May 28th

As Edison Ford approaches 10 years as a non-profit organization, there have been several outstanding people involved in the transition from city management to corporate management. I have been fortunate to have been part of the transition and the subsequent growth, and I would like to recognize a few outstanding individuals … one who is still involved and one who is moving on to a new life “out west.”

Sam Galloway     In April, our “Trustee Emeritus” Sam Galloway was recognized by Gulfshore Business for the Lifetime Achievement Award Winner of 2015. We were proud to be a sponsor of the event and to support his newest award. At Edison Ford, Sam was President of the City Advisory Board, as well as a Trustee of the new non-profit Board of Trustees.

I call him the “lightning rod” and leader of the group to privatize the former city site for new leadership, governance and restoration. He certainly guided me and showed me the way to set our sights on a new way of running Edison Ford. He has been keeping track of me and our progress here ever since.

For me and all of us at Edison Ford, Sam has been a crucial part of the new era of Edison Ford. Now, in typical Sam fashion, he is lending his interest and support to our new project to create the original Ford automobile, the quadricycle. Just like Edison, Sam is finding new and better ways for us here. Here’s a “huge thank you” Sam and please add our “lightning rod” award to your list of accomplishments and recognitions.

Marc with Historians     My second outstanding individual has been part of our transition here for eight years. As all our visitors and members know, the site historians are the voice and face that most of the public see on any day of the week. For the past eight years, one of the teachers and historians has been Marc Estabrook, an outstanding historian, representative of the site, and an all around good guy. Marc and all of the site historians have really raised the bar for programming and established professionalism and visitor service as hallmarks of the tour and visitor program.

Marc is off to a new adventure and will be teaching in Denver, Colorado soon. Speaking for the thousands of visitors and staff and for me, we all wish you continued success, good jokes and be sure to stay in touch.

That’s Marc with the bunny ears with the other historians and me.

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