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President’s Update ~ Chris Pendleton, President & CEO

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On December 3rd

One of my favorite annual projects at Edison Ford the “Children’s Holiday Tree Trail” is even bigger this year thanks to the help of 54 teachers and their students and the coordination of staff member Nadia Kluesner and Edison Ford Trustee and Art Teacher Karen Flanders. Teachers from throughout Lee County turned out very inventive handcrafted decorations which celebrate the light bulb and other inventions. Each teacher received a grant for supplies from Edison Ford and the George M. Cox Trust, and then turned their students loose to create with the purchased and recycled materials. The result is magical and is open through January 2, 2015 and FREE for all to enjoy.

The garden area for the Holiday Trees and other school activities has been expanded this year through two important projects. The first certainly is the completion of the new Museum West Porch where our classes are taught, musical performances are presented and also used for gatherings and rentals for groups and businesses. This $200,000 project was completed this summer and was funded by Edison Ford. The second project was through $20,000 in gifts in memory of Nat Pendleton to develop the gardens. The Charles Edison Fund contributed $10,000 and the remaining was through donations from dozens of other patrons.

Our most recent contribution for this project was a $5,000 donation from one of our Volunteers who is helping us to buy new Christmas trees for 2015.

Although Edison Ford is self-supporting through our generated revenue projects, gifts like these help us take on other important projects. Gifts are tax deductible as Edison Ford is a non-profit charity and classified as a 501c3 educational institution by the IRS.

summer camp donation presidents update dec 2014      As the 2014 year draws to an end, please consider contributing to the Summer Camp Scholarship Fund which provides help to deserving students to participate in Edison Ford Inventor’s Camp or other education activities throughout the year. We included the form in the newsletter this year and encourage everyone to participate.

I do every year and I am proud to watch our students become the next generation of leaders at Edison Ford.

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