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Live Entertainment during Edison Ford Holiday Nights – 7:00 p.m.

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On November 29th

November 29           Naples Carolers

December 1             Dance Bochette

December 2             SFCA Symphonic Band

December 3             Edison Park Creative & Expressive Arts School

December 4             Bear-A-Tones and Cub Choir (Three Oaks Elementary)

December 5             Trafalgar Elementary Choir and Recorders

December 6             Cape Elementary Choir

December 7             Lehigh Elementary Singing Sensations

December 8             Singing Sea Stars; Junior Sea Stars; Rocking Recorders (Tropic Isles)

December 9             Diplomat Elementary

December 10          San Carlos Park Elementary Chorus Groups

December 11           Huffmaster Centre of Music

December 12          Caloosa Elementary Handbell Choir

December 13          Cub Choir; Recorder Club ( Veteran’s Park Academy for the Arts)

December 14          Susan Katz Show Team

December 15          Pine Island Dance Team

December 16          Tice Elementary Chorus; Tice Singing Stars

December 17          Patriot Elementary

December 18          Tiger Choir; Tiger Beat (Orange River Elementary)

December 19          Littleton Elementary Lariats and Lace

December 20        Gulf Middle School Chorus

December 21        The Lehigh Children’s Choir

December 22        Amy Mellott

December 23        Kings Way Christian Center


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