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President’s Update November 2013

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On November 1st

     This year, Edison Ford enters its eighth year managed by the new private non-profit corporation, Edison & Ford Winter Estates, Inc.  I’m proud to say that we continue to grow in all areas – with more excitement coming in the months ahead.

      Now that we have restored all historic buildings, our focus this year is the Edison Ford Museum. Construction will begin in January 2014 on the new 1,250 square foot, Museum West Porch.  Work is being headed by Parker/Mudgett/Smith Architects and Casey Construction. We plan to finish in April and celebrate with an Incandescent Evening Garden Party.

museum porch

     In more news, our neighbor to the north on the river is in construction now with an opening scheduled for February for the new Pincher’s Restaurant and a new name, The Marina at Edison Ford. The building has an address of 2031 West First Street and Channel Marker 54 for boat arrivals.  We also plan a connection through the Edison Coconut Grove for access so our visitors can enjoy restaurant dining, beverages, group rentals and river cruises.

      Although a lot is going on, we’re excited to tell you that Holiday Nights opens early this year on Thanksgiving weekend. Our 38th year tradition was named one of the nation’s top holiday events. Edison Ford Members will want to pick up their FREE “GUEST” tickets, so your family and friends can visit during the holidays.


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