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Education Programs Ahead – NEW Hands-on History Classes

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On July 15, 2013

Registration Now Open for 2013 – 2014 Homeschool (K – 6th grades) at Edison Ford

homeschool wizard     The Edison Wild Wizard returns with a new series of science, engineering and history hands-on classes that will engage students, as well as NEW hands-on history classes with Professor Pearce. Following in the footsteps of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, homeschool students will learn through creativity and critical thinking. All Edison Ford homeschool classes are based on Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards as well as Florida Common Core Science Standards. Curriculum outlines provided to all registered parents. Cost: Edison Ford Members $10; non-members $20, $10 for each additional child. To register call Edison Ford at 239-334-7419.

 Homeschool Science:

 • Life Sciences: Bioengineering – October 7, 10, 11

Learn about organisms through a series of activities that introduce bioengineering.

  • Landforms and Landscapes – November 14, 15, 18

Learn about geotechnical engineering, erosion and deposition through activities and engineering projects.

  • Alternative Energy: Wind – December 9, 12, 13

Students become Mechanical Engineers using simple machines to make complex machines.

 • Rocks & Minerals January 9, 10, 13

Learn about the rock cycle and properties of rocks as students become Material Engineers.

• Sights and Sounds – February 10, 13, 14

Become Optical and Sound Engineers while learning about reflection, transmission and absorption.

• Electricity & Circuits – March 10, 13, 14

Students get hands-on with electricity, circuits, conductors, insulators and schematic designs.

• Alternative Energy: Solar – April 7, 10, 11

Students learn about transfer of energy, conservation of energy, thermal insulators, thermal conductors and the power of the sun.

Homeschool History:

• Becoming a Historian – October 7, 11

Hands-on history begins with research strategies and techniques and how to research a subject.

• Government – November 15, 18

Students will explore the formation and purpose of government throughout history.

• Economics – December 9, 13

Students learn how economics are managed by various entities and how they have motivated and defined the modern world.

• Citizenship – January 10, 13

Students explore the modern concept of citizenship. Rights, responsibilities, and civic duty will be discussed.

• Early Florida: VIVA FLORIDA – February 10, 14

From Saint Augustine to Thomas Edison, students discover the rich history of Florida, America’s first frontier.

• Modern Florida – March 10, 14

Students pull together key concepts such as government, economics, citizenship and early Florida history.

• The History of Technology – April 7, 11

This ambitious course delves into history by recreating the experiments and inventions that changed the course of history.

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