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May President’s Update

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On May 1st

president report

 Our new offsite location, Edison Ford Shoppe at the Bell Tower Mall Shops opened for visitors and business on April 27. It is a perfect match up for us as we will provide programs, activities, and unique merchandise as well as orientation to the main Edison & Ford Winter Estates and information about other regional attractions and cultural sites.

To tie into Mall activities, every Thursday there will be book signings, artist demonstrations, plant talks and other activities and the Wild Wizards will present every month. And of course we will be dog friendly for the mall’s monthly ‘Yappy Hour’ (historic photo of the Edison’s Cocker Spaniel, Cinnamon, will be posted on the door).

 The Edison Ford Bell Tower Shoppe also features the work of our collaborating artists and craftsmen including Leoma Lovegrove, Marie Dyer, Megan Kissinger, Manfred Behr, Augusta Crane and Karen Flanders to just name a few. All of these folks also teach throughout the year at the main Edison Ford site in downtown Fort Myers and will also present workshops at Bell Tower.

Visibility and awareness of the community is very important to us as we move forward to develop the Edison & Ford Winter Estates. We have remained one of the top ten most visited historic home sites in the nation but we are also committed to bringing forward ideas and programs to stay new, inventive and refreshed.

As we finish up our season, I am proud to report that visitation is up 4% over last year (a whopping 14% increase in March), our financial position is strong and continues to strengthen, as is our commitment to our mission to protect, preserve and interpret the homes, lab and legacy of the two greatest American inventors and entrepreneurs, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. 

 Chris Pendleton, President & CEO

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