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2013 Edison Ford Summer Camp Registration is OPEN

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On January 26th

     Summer camp is back again this year with new and exciting programs! The site is a living lab, where each project or activity challenges campers in the sciences, art and nature to ask questions and discover the answers for themselves while having fun.

      Two camps are being held each week from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and are separated by grade levels (1st – 3rd and 4th – 6th). Competitive needs-based scholarships aresummer camp Jan 2013 update available as provided by donations. Apply through Edison Ford Education Department with a recommendation from a school teacher. For students above 6th grade, contact Edison Ford or click here for Junior Counselor applications to earn volunteer hours.

      Parents can pick up registration forms at Edison Ford or contact the Education Department to register at 239-334-7419, or  Click here to download camp registration forms and information. Cost for the first week – Edison Ford Members $170; non-members $200; all other weeks Edison Ford Members $200; non-members $230.

 Camp Schedule:

  • Time Travelers – May 28 – May 31

     Campers will take full advantage of Edison Ford site by operating inventions, learning some of history’s mysteries with scavenger hunts and research, build time capsules, and re-enact famous moments from the past.

  •  Space & Rockets – June 3 – June 7

     The final Frontier! Campers will explore the outer reaches of the universe with our resident spaceman and will visit planets, collect samples, float on our Lunar Lander, build rockets, and much more.

  •  Kitchen Chemistry – June 10 – June 14

     This mind-boggling camp is a combination of the best experiments the Wild Wizard has to offer. Campers will learn how to take everyday things found in the kitchen and make them do amazing things. Top it off with a cookout including

homemade and root beer floats!

  • Animation – June 17 – June 21

     The perfect mix of science and art. Campers will learn improvisation, comedy techniques and basic acting to develop original characters, write their own story, choose animation styles, and make a short film. The films are edited and put on a DVD for campers to take home and share with the whole family.

  •  Movie Making – June 24 – June 28

     Act, direct, operate the camera, and build sets. Campers will study Foley art (sound effects), movie magic (special effects), and script writing. Every camper will receive a DVD of their final film.

  •  Engineering – July 8 – July 12

     “To be a good inventor you need a good imagination and a pile of junk,” said Thomas Edison. Edison Ford will supply the junk and jump start the imagination. Campers will use recycled materials and develop green inventions and much more.

  •  NEW Robotics at Edison Ford – July 15 – July 19

     Explore the world of robotics by designing, building and programming robots of all different sizes and shapes. Students will work in teams as they learn new applications of robotic technologies. Robots will stay at Edison Ford.

  •  Physics in Motion – July 22 – July 26

     Get up and start moving while we have fun with physics through mini-golf, rocket cars, slinky sound effects and other challenges that exercise your mind and body. This camp will explore the world, large and small, from atoms to outer space.

  •  Smart in Art and Science – July 29 – August 2

     Have fun expressing yourself through multiple mediums including legos, post-it notes, and organic materials. Let your creativity take over while exercising the right side of your brain to learn to see as artists. Friday graduation will be a celebration of creativity with the Edison Inventor’s Summer Camp Art Exhibition 2013.


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