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January President’s Update

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On January 5th

One of the most important growth areas for Edison Ford is the dramatic and ongoing growth in our Volunteer Program both in numbers of participants and in their work throughout the entire site and its operation. WE are more than 250 volunteers strong and volunteers are helping everywhere.

The Volunteer Meeting every month is generally at our new digs for lectures at 2031 McGregor Boulevard (Southwest Florida Water Management Building and adjacent parking). Everyone is enjoying both the social ‘meet and greet’ as well as the excellent monthly lecture series. Last month there were more than 80 volunteers assembled for the lecture.

The January lecture about the beloved Florida historical novelist Patrick Smith (author of Land Remembered, Allapatah, and others) will include insight into how Smith lived with the Seminole and families of settlers of Southwest Florida. These stories are set in the Edison and Ford times and tell about the emerging new State of Florida through the adventures of the families.

Edison Ford Volunteers were very active in December decorating for Holiday Nights, touring with visitors and helping in administration with end of year mailings and publications, answering phones and greeting visitors in the Information Booth.

Last year, our volunteers donated a staggering 24,050 hours which is the equivalent of $517,452 on our year-end tax statements as donated in-kind support.  That’s up by 8% over the year before and is the equivalent of 12 full-time staff which were funded by volunteer contributions. For December, the hours were up again by another 22%.

 The care and expertise of our Edison Ford Volunteers is remarkable and includes teachers, guides, office and membership staff, gardeners, store staff, greeters for Holiday Nights, support for social events, weddings and rentals and the list goes on.

If you would like to join this exciting program, call the program Co-Coordinators, Bobby Feldman and Holly Schaffer and arrange for an orientation and to become active soon.

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