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Books in the Edison Ford Museum Store

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On October 27th

     The Edison Ford Museum Store has a wide assortment of books available for purchase on Thomas Edison and Henry Ford as well as a wide variety of books on gardening, science fair projects, history and architecture.

      Some staff favorites include:


Wheels for the World by Douglas Brinkley

   “Interesting look into the Ford Motor Company and the people involved without getting too technical.”  Mike Cosden, Curatorial Assistant




Usborne Look inside Science

   “Fun pop-up book teaching elementary students about science.”  Glen Beitmen, Wild Wizard, Edison Ford



Edison Ford Quote Book, Edison & Ford Winter Estates

   “My favorite treasure … There is always something there that ties the thoughts of two great minds to something relevant … like Edison’s work ethic … Everything comes to him (or her) who hustles while he waits.”   Chris Pendleton, President & CEO




  Guide to Florida Fruit and Vegetable Gardening by Robert Bowden

   “When I need additional information this is the book I go to! Great information on fruit trees and edible landscape plants.”

     Todd Roy, Horticulturist and Garden Shoppe Manager


The Edisons of Fort Myers by Tom Smoot

   “I appreciate how Smoot presents his information as it is very clear what is taken directly from the historical record.” Alison Giesen, Chief Curator





ACDC by Tom McNichol


   “Interesting, easy to read book about AC/alternating current and DC/direct current. One of Museum Store’s best sellers.”   Patti Wensel, Museum Store and Cottage Shoppe Manager





All books can be purchased at the Edison Ford Museum Store or click HERE to visit our on-line store.

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