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Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival This Weekend

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On October 4th

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates and Edison State College will bring back the award winning Thomas A. Edison Black Maria Film Festival with a retrospect of films from the festival collection chosen by film curator, John Columbus.  The festival will be hosted by the Edison Ford on October 5 at the Royal Palm Yacht Club and by Edison State College on October 6 at the Fort Myers Campus.  Films include winning animated short films shown in Poland at the Animator Festival as well as popular live action works.

Friday, October 5 Program:


High Five
1993, by Rob Aden, West Orange, NJ
A clever black and white short about a truly wild pickup basketball game.

A Painful Glimpse into My Writing Process
2007, by Chel White, Portland, OR
Anyone who’s found creative writing to be a daunting task will relate to this delightful collage film.

Rooftop Bees
2008, by Melissa Lohman Wild, Sunnyside, NY
Not everyone would raise bees in NYC but this is the fun story of one individual who’s his own man.

The Mantis Parable
2005, by Josh Staub, Mead, WA
A sweet parable of altruism in the insect world.

The Old Man and Hemmingway
2005, by Hugo Perez and Chuck Moss, Yale University
This is a fascinating first person documentary portrait of Hemmingway’s Cuban fishing boat skipper and his memories of his friendship with the author.

Seven Days a Week
2009, by Sean McBride, Philadelphia, PA
Audiences love this frolicsome animation about a millennium generation slacker.

2007, by Goo-Shun Wang, New York, NY
An eye teaser which the artist M. C. Esher might have made were he an animator.

Pickles to Nickles
2010, by Daniella Ash, Brooklyn, NY
This pungent collage animation about an old neighborhood in Brooklyn tells of an unlikely romance between a pickle vendor and a young baker as their block is being replaced by modernity.

Zamboni Man
2002, by Seth Hendrikson, Chicago, IL
The Zamboni is a machine that smooths the ice of a skating rink.  In this poignant narrative, a working class fellow prepares the rink after hours for practice by the graceful dancer of his dreams.

Urban Animals
2004, by Karl Staven & students at University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
An inventive and playful animation shot on Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia.

One Rat Short
2007, by Alex Weil, New York, NY
A heart warming rodent romance set in a futuristic animal research laboratory.

Waiting for Arif
2005, by Diden Yilmaz, Long Island City, NY
A show business couple who married in 1957 graces this charming documentary.  Husband Arif Mardin is a 12 time Grammy winning producer who worked with Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong, and Bob Dylan.  Wide Latife is an author and theater producer.  Finally, after years of deferred private time together, they can enjoy their cocktail hour reminiscing about how he was always late a he filled the wall with gold records.

Saturday, October 6 Program:


Bob’s Knee – 2010, 4 min. by Mike Attie, Stanford University, CA.

 A quirky, fun documentary about a quirky inventor who solves his problem with an unreliable knee.

The Hand, The Foot – 2005, 2 min. by Eric Kuehnapfel, Natick, MA

 Think of DaVinci’s depiction of the ideal man in a buoyant modern mixed media kinetic animation.

Bedhead – 1991, 9 min. by Robert Rodriquez, New Mexico

 A early film short by the renegade filmmaker, using his brothers and sisters as actors and crew.

Sebastian’s Voodoo 2008, 4 min. by Joaquin Baldwin, Sherman Oaks, CA

Student Academy Award winning animation about an martyr who sacrifices himself to save others.

Fast Film  –  2002, 14 min. by Virgil Widrich, Vienna, Austria

Within the space of a Bacall/Bogart kiss this rollicking animation careens through film history.

Iraqi-Kurdistan Flipbook  –  2007, 12 min. by Ed Kashi, Montclair, NJ

A remarkably beautiful, colorfully kinetic photo montage shot on location and depicts the rich ebb and flow of life in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region inside Iraq.

My Trip to Prague  –  2006, 4.5 min. by Neil Ira Needleman, Katonah, NY

This sketchbook film with a twist leads the viewer on a jaunt through Prague with a droll tour guide.

Yours Truly  –  2007, 8 min. by Osberg Parker, London England

A wild ride in mixed media and animation celebrating and satirizing Hollywood’s Film Noir genre.

Little Red Jiving Hood  –  2007, 11 min. by Ben Hillman, Sheffield, MA

Little Red Riding Hood’s story is told as never before in this playfully fractured cinematic rendition

Banana Bread  –  2009, 9 min. by Barton Landsman and Clayton Hemmert, New York, NY

In a sort of parody of Quentin Tarantino’s filmmaking style, this ironic, over-the-top action flick breaks out of its feigned gratuitous violence with a redeeming plot twist that will tickle the sense of humor of cinephiles.

Tickets are available at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates for $10 per night, $15 for both nights.  Edison Ford members are $8 on October 5 and Edison State College students are free on October 6.  Seating is limited.  On October 5, movie-goers can enjoy tapas at 5:30 at the Royal Palm Yacht Club for $20 while watching the sunset at Edison Ford.  Reservations suggested by calling (239) 334-7419.

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