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President’s Update – October 2012

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On October 3rd


Sunday afternoon, October 21, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m., is our Annual Member Celebration, marking entry into our seventh year as the governing and managing non-profit corporation for the Edison & Ford Winter Estates, Inc. I hope you will join me and the trustees, staff and volunteers as we celebrate our success and look forward to the future.

      At times, the change is a little mind boggling, with the award winning restoration of the buildings and gardens, improvements to the riverfront, summer camp, school programs, young inventors, membership approaching 2,000 groups and 8,000 members, visitation stable and growing at 215,000 annual visitors, and new projects like the river tours, behind-the-scenes tours, film festivals and growth of Holiday Nights to a month long nighttime event – which was named one of the top holiday events in the nation.

     At other times, we reflect on the unique team of staff, volunteers and trustees who continue to pull together to make this work. Our annual budget is approaching $6 million and our site improvements approach $14 million. But there is still more work to do in the years ahead.

     Our focus this year will be on the Edison Ford Museum exhibits, galleries and programs. The plans include a new fifty foot west porch into the gardens to help with bringing the outdoors inside (very important to the Edisons, Fords and visitors today) and some new exhibits on the Edison Botanic Laboratory, and Fishing and Boating, which were very important to our famous families.

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