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Homeschool 2012 – 2013 Program

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On September 13th

Join the Edison Ford Wild Wizard for an exciting new year of Homeschool Programs. Each two-hour class is a dynamic, hands-on, exciting experience where students, who attend the class with their parents, get creative and learn science and history that follows the Next Generation Florida Sunshine State Standards.

     Edison Ford homeschool classes are designed for children entering kindergarten through sixth grade. Classes are from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 – 3:00p.m. on the dates listed below, and pre-registration is required. Upon registration parents will receive pre-visit curriculum materials.

 Cost: Edison Ford Members $10 per child; non-members $20 (each additional child $10).

 Class Descriptions:

  •  September 17 & September 21: Designing Plant Packages – Students learn about photosynthesis, plant and interdependence with the environment in order to design and build a quality package to ship a plant through the mail.
  • October 15 & October 19: Designing Bridges – Students design bridges after learning about force, motion, gravity, earth landforms, landscapes and different types of bridges. 
  • November 5 & November 16: Designing Submersibles – Students learn about density and volume while building a submersible that meets the required standards.  
  • December 17 & December 21: Simple Machines – Students see how “things” work with simple machines and their uses in industrial processes. 
  • January 14 & January 18: Designing Maglev Systems – Students act as motorists, design a maglev transportation system and other projects that demonstrate magnetic properties. 
  • February 11 & February 15: Solutions, Mixtures, Compounds – Students learn about atoms and molecules through solutions, mixtures and compounds. 
  • March 4 & March 8: Robotics – Hands-on science with robotics and engineering demonstrations engage, excite and empower future inventors. 
  • April 15 & April 19: Space – Students learn about space through hands-on activities and demonstrations. Students build a rocket and conclude the 2012 – 2013 Edison Ford Homeschool Program with a rocket launch!

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  1. Amie Mcqueeney Says:

    Sounds interesting and the rate is very affordable! I could get my two sons to that homeschool program plus we get to participate. I will surely check that one out!

    Posted on September 24th, 2012 at 11:16 pm

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