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Engineering is Elementary | Day SIX

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On May 11th
written by Wild Wizard Glen Beitmen
     We have finished our training and are reminiscing about the Engineering is Elementary program at Museum of Science in Boston and how we got here.  I remember 6 years ago when I ran my first engineering summer camp and we had 20 campers sign up and all of them, including the parents, thought it was a “Thomas the Tank Engine” camp.  It was clear that most people hadn’t a clue what engineering really was. 

At the John D. O'Bryant Mathematics and Science High School

     Then I was approached by Karen Miller from HSA Scientist and Engineers to help them get volunteer engineers into the classroom.  Karen Miller, Richard Lewis, and Christy Newman are the ones who started this initiative.  Now it has grown to include the Edison & Ford Winter Estates, the Imaginarium, MIT Club, Florida Engineers Society, Foundation for Lee County Schools, Lee County School District, MIT Edgerton Center, Museum of Science in Boston, and many others. 

     We all have a single focus: to give our students the best opportunities to achieve their highest potential and success.  In my opinion, the engineering curriculum not only makes teaching fun, it models a new way for our students to explore their world and become actively involved.          

Wild Wizard Glen with the Science Presenter from the Museum of Science in Boston

     During our training today, we went over the resources the Museum of Science has created for the Engineering is Elementary program, and there’s a lot.  The key for us will be to emulate what the Museum of Science has done when teaching our teachers. 

     The first official Engineering is Elementary training will be at the Imaginarium where 48 third grade science teachers will lean about the program and teach others.  From there we will include other grades and expand our program to include surrounding counties like Charlotte, Hendry, Collier, Glades and beyond.  

Wild Wizard Glen & Engineer Jonathan with "The Crew" at the Museum of Science

      Now, we head home to Fort Myers!  So to all the amazing people I have met like Valerie, Kristin, Sharlene, Dan, Emily and everyone else at the Museum of Science in Boston;  To all of the MIT students, teachers, and affiliates that Ed Moriarty;  To the students and teachers of John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics where Ed and I discussed a number of ideas on how we can start building a community of students all over the US;  To all the people I have met in Boston; And to the Celtics, Bruins, and the Red Sox, I say THANK YOU.  This is only the beginning!   

 “The world is magic, and engineers are people who learn how to do magic.”  – Ed Moriarty Main Magician in the Edgerton Center at MIT

Wild Wizards Glen Beitmen & Jonathan Wadas are in Boston this week gathering information to share with our Southwest Florida elementary school teachers about the “Engineering Is Elementary” program developed by the Museum of Science in Boston.

To learn more about the Education Programs at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates, go to our website at http://www.edisonfordwinterestates.org/education/.

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