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Engineering is Elementary | Day TWO

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On May 7th

written by Wild Wizard Glen Beitmen

We made it to MIT by 8:30 this morning and walked around the campus for hours.  It was great!

Wild Wizard Glen Beitmen at MIT!

     The hall that leads to the Edgerton Center is like a mini museum for Doc Edgerton.  Dr. Herald E. Edgerton was the king of the high-speed camera and, from what we read, an amazing man.  One of his most recognized pictures is one with a drop of milk making a crown. 

      In charge of continuing his legacy and educating anyone who chooses to show up is Ed Moriarty.  He has as much admiration for Doc Edgerton as I have for Thomas Edison. Ed calls his workshop the “Saturday Thing” and it’s free to anyone who has and interest in engineering, inventing, or just tinkering with cool stuff. 

     There was so much going on that I couldn’t possibly list it all.  Students were working with circuit boards, motorized scooters, light sensor music makers and well, like I said I can’t list it all. We were joined by Shelby, Niki, and Matt from the Imaginarium.  We were like kids in a candy store!

Estates Engineer Jonathan Wadas, Mat Johnson from the Imaginarium, and MIT's Ed Moriarty in the Edgerton Center

     Ed worked with the students, listened to their ideas and pointed them in the right direction, but he never gave them all the answers.  He would allow them to search for and discover answers on their own.  It was inspiring to watch.  

     Jonathan played with a number of Edgerton strobes and other toys while a brilliant high school student taught me how resisters work.  We stayed until 4pm and didn’t want to leave.

Estates Engineer Jonathan experimenting with a strobe light.

   I hope to see Ed Moriarty later in the week, but tomorrow we are going to Fenway!  Oh yeah, the Celtics won and this place went crazy!

Wild Wizards Glen Beitmen & Jonathan Wadas are in Boston this week gathering information to share with our Southwest Florida elementary school teachers about the “Engineering Is Elementary” program  developed by the Museum of Science in Boston.

To learn more about the Education Programs at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates, go to our website at http://www.edisonfordwinterestates.org/education/.

Be sure to stay tuned for more adventures at MIT and Museum of Science!

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