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Estates Educators Visit MIT & Boston’s Museum of Science

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On May 5th

Edison & Ford Winter Estates Wild Wizard Glen and Engineer Jonathan will be at MIT on May 7th taking part in the Engineering Workshop at the Edgerton Center presented by the amazing Ed Moriarty.  Ed and Glen have similar wild views on what makes teaching great.  With all of the gears, gadgets and gizmos, this workshop is bound to be a lot of fun. 

All of this will be leading up to Saturday Workshops being offered at the Estates for students interested in engineering, inventing, or just getting hands-on with cool stuff.

May 8-12 Wild Wizard Glen and Engineer Jonathan will journey to the Museum of Science in Boston.  There they will be trained on the Engineering is Elementary curriculum.  They will bring this knowledge back to Lee County to help teachers to introduce engineering in their classrooms.  This is just the beginning of a great partnership with Edison & Ford Winter Estates, Lee County School District, The Foundation for Lee County Schools, The Imaginarium, HAS Scientists and Engineers, and hundreds of engineers, teachers and students. 

Be sure to follow  along as Glen & Jonathan blog about their experience!

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