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Artist Leoma Lovegrove at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates March 10, 2011

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On March 10th

Acclaimed artist, Leoma Lovegrove, is painting a series of landscapes that reflect the travel of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and their friends during a decade from 1916 through the mid 1920’s in the Edison & Ford Winter Estates Museum for a new exhibit, “Into the Wild:  Edison, Ford & Friends.” 

Her painting will provide the viewer with an understanding of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford’s unique travels which included the Florida Everglades, the New England countryside, the Smokey Mountains and even a visit with Luther Burbank in California.  Museum curatorial staff is excited to include Lovegrove’s infectious painting style in the exhibit which reflects the early camping and exploration of America at the turn of the last century.  Lovegrove is well known for her love of the Florida and her vibrant painting style, but her direction in this project is to reflect the drawings of naturalist John Burroughs who joined Edison and Ford on their trips, as well as the many photographs of the famous friends and their entourage as they explored America.

The exhibit “Into the Wild:  Edison, Ford & Friends,” and will open to the public on April 10th.  For the next month, in addition to the installation of the landscape with Leoma Lovegrove, staff will be installing other exhibit components including the first traveling chuck wagon of the famous friends which is actually a 1918 retrofitted Ford Model T Truck, early camping equipment and other artifacts, photographs and copies of the very unique personal journals of John Burroughs and Harvey Firestone which are daily diaries noting their discoveries and personal observations.

Leoma Lovegrove currently makes her home in southwest Florida, but her art is known nationally and globally. Lovegrove’s work is displayed in the Carter Presidential Library and in the private collection of millionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson as well as in numerous galleries throughout the world. Her art is instantly recognizable for its exuberant technique and tropical color palette.

She calls herself a creative machine. “My life is one mammoth production line. I want to create a gazillion things.”

Whether incorporating some of the lyrics to the songs running through her head as she paints or expressing the love in her heart through brilliant colors, Lovegrove strives to make others happy. She paints to make sense of the world as much for herself as for the viewer.

Why is Lovegrove an artist? To Paint Out Loud.

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