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Artists & Authors at the Estates: Saturday, December 18, 2010, 4 – 8 PM

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On December 13th

Books, paintings, art, craft and other creations that feature the history and interests of the Edison and Ford families and their winter estates in Fort Myers will be personalized by a group of local authors and artists on Saturday, December 18 from 4 – 8 PM. in the Estates Museum and the Edison Creative Cottage.  The creative group of artists and authors work regularly with the Estates and feature the site and its history in their work.  It is a very interesting group.  Admission is free to this event.

     The group of artists and authors who will be available to discuss and personalize their work includes:

  • Leoma Lovegrove, artist, has long been involved with the Edison & Ford Winter Estates creating paintings, unique wearable art and this year she has created a new collection of beautifully painted light bulb ornaments to celebrate the long history of Edison’s incandescent light bulb.  Each bulb is an original work of art and is part of the larger collection of Lovegrove’s paintings (some of the Edison and Ford homes), prints and other items like painted coconuts and wearable art.  She will be leading a class in ‘plein air painting’ in 2011 at the Estates.


  • Megan Kissinger, artist, spent the past year capturing the historical plants of the Estates in an historical art form called ‘botanical illustration.’  Each piece includes the plant, flowers, fruit, seeds and sometimes a bit of the landscape of the homes of Edison and Ford.  Featured plants include the Royal Poinciana, Sausage tree, Royal Palms, Banyan with a total of 22 different plants.  Botanical illustration is a historical and scientific art form and has been used through the centuries to record the plant, its flowers and fruit.  One of the paintings on display has been selected to be part of an international exhibition of botanical art.  Estates Plant Curator, Britta Soderqvist finished each piece with a detailed botanical description of the plant.   Kissinger and Soderqvist will offer classes in botanical illustration in early 2011.


  • Ellen Sheppard, artist, creates images of ‘old Florida landscapes’ in oil and pastel.  Her work is also featured on the cover of books by her author husband, John Sheppard.  She has contributed the sale of her work to the Education Program at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates. 


  • Marie Dyer, artist, creates floor cloths, decorative furniture pieces and paintings which feature the flowers and landscapes of tropical Florida.  Marie is also teaching a class in painting floor cloths in early 2011.


  • August Crane, potter, has captured the orchids, hibiscus, roses and other plants from the Estates on her beautiful hand built ceramic creations.  Some of the work is built on unique leaf structures from actual sea grape leaves.  Crane has recently been featured in Grandeur Magazine. 


  • Manfred Behr, photographer, has been featured in exhibits at the Estates.  His work includes photographs of tropical plants like orchids and bromeliads and breathtaking vistas of the Florida Everglades.  Most recently he photographed the interior of the Edison Botanic Laboratory as a part of restoration of the 1927 building.


  • Doug McGregor, editorial cartoonist, writer, illustrator and painter, featured the Edisons and Fords in many of his drawings and most recently included them in a book about Creativity.


  • Pat Dunn, artist, creates still life and landscapes of tropical Florida in the impressionist style.  Pat has worked at the Estates and also in Giverny, France.


  • Bill North, artist, has been a signature artist at the Estates for many years.  His most popular work includes the Edison Home, Ford Home and Banyan Tree.  He has received many honors and awards for this and other work including beautiful beach and wildlife landscapes.


  • Anita Singh, jewelry designer, creates beautiful wearable art using many of the same designs that were popular during the Edison and Ford era and some beautiful contemporary jewelry including earrings, bracelets and necklaces.


  • Carlene Brennen, author, has recently written, Ultimate Tarpon Book, with author Randy Wayne Wright.  She will be on hand to personalize the book and talk with guests about this unique collection of stories of famous fish and personalities who are all part of Southwest Florida’s tarpon fishing history.


  • Jane Kirschner-Tucillo, author, has written and illustrated a very appropriate book for children of all ages who love this area, called Annabelle from Sanibel.


  • Tom Smoot, author, attorney and former board president of the Edison & ford Winter Estates, book, The Edisons of Ford Myers, is the definitive and highly collectible book about the history of Mina and Thomas Edison in Fort Myers.


  • John Sheppard, author and retired attorney, has written a very popular historical memoir as a third generation resident which documents the growth and development of Fort Myers and Lee County between 1898 and 1945. 


  • Harry Adams, author, presents a fictional but historical story about Fort Myers, named The Dancing Porch.


  • Charles Scobczak, author, has captured the natural history, animals, plants of the region in a beautiful nature guide, Living Sanibel, a Nature Guide to Sanibel and Captiva Islands.


     Other books and art featuring the Edisons, Fords, and their Winter Estates includes Alan Maltz, Vision of Beauty, and other collector books like Great Houses of Florida and Old Florida.  This is a great opportunity to find unusual gifts and meet the people who created them.  And just for fun, the new Edison Muckers will be on hand to demonstrate the old inventions and give visitors a chance to make a new version of Edison’s polymer rubber.

    The Edison & Ford Winter Estates is open daily 9 – 5:30 during the year and in December in the evenings to celebrate the decorated and lighted estates from 5:30 until 9 PM.  Call 239.334.7419 or check the website at www.efwefla.org

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  1. Jane Kirschner-Tuccillo Says:

    Thank you for giving me the credit for the delightful illustrations in my book, ANNABELLE FROM SANIBEL, but I must correct you and let you know that I’m not talented enough to have done the fantastic job that Terri Bailey, the actual illustrator did for me, from my ideas in my head, which I could have never put on paper!! See you all on Saturday!
    Jane K. – T.

    Posted on December 13th, 2010 at 5:22 pm

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